#OffTheBat: Jake Arrieta, PEDs, Yankees, and more

Jake Arrieta is on a historical pitching stretch. Over his last 18 starts, Arrieta is 17-0 with a .55 era and has been the ace at the top of a very good Cubs rotation. Naturally,  with all of this success – most of it seemingly coming out of the blue – you can’t help but wonder if PEDs are involved. List to the clip below from this episode of #OffTheBat to see what Jana and Erik have to say about this topic.


Speaking of PEDs, this past week saw both 2B Dee Gordon of the Marlins and 1B Chris Colabello flunk their PEDs tests and end up with an 80 game suspension as per the Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. Hear what Jana and Erik had to say about PEDs in baseball and their take on the whole situation.

Also discussed on this week’s episode is the recent “battle” that seems to be going on in baseball between the current generation of players and the “old timers.” During spring training you had a number of cranky older players who didn’t want to see the game change and evolve, claimed that the current generation of players don’t respect the unwritten rules of the game, and are more interested in the showmanship rather than playing the game the right way. Hear our take below.

Lastly, the Yankees. At the time of our recording, the Yankees were sitting in the basement of the AL East and have been struggling to score runs despite the #2 payroll in baseball (according to ESPN). See where Erik and Jana think the Yankees will finish in their division this year.

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